This morning, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris was rushed to the hospital after attempting to commit suicide. She is reportedly in a Los Angeles hospital recovering after she overdosed and was found with cuts on her wrists.

By now, you probably are asking (and rightfully so) “Why the hell is a metal site covering this?” Well, according to Entertainment Tonight, a source claims Paris attempted suicide when she wasn’t allowed to go to Marilyn Manson’s show at the Gibson Amphitheater in L.A. (also featuring Alice Cooper). Granted, this isn’t the first time Ms. Jackson has had interaction with a hard rocker, but did she really attempt suicide cause she couldn’t see Manson live?

With that said, any speculation on why she attempted suicide is simply that (especially when it comes from media sources like ET or TMZ). Still, it wouldn’t be the first time press was quick to blame Manson on something.