Machine Head’s online auditions for a new bassist came to an end last month. And according to Robb Flynn himself, the final eight has been picked.

In his most recent General’s Journal diary post, Flynn confirmed that Machine Head will be auditioning eight bassists in person (while guitarist Phil Demmel is laying down bass tracks for the forthcoming album). Here’s what the frontman said specifically about the next step in finding a new bassist:

“Got 8 guys lined up so far, some ‘known’ guys, some dudes who are under the radar, all have touring / stage experience. It’s exciting in some ways, and weird in others, I never thought I’d be going through this process again, and it fucks with my head from time to time.

It’s just a fill-in slot for Mayhem, but these guys have to deliver on several levels, they got a bit of big shoe to fill, the dude who used to be onstage left was a presence, so we’re going to test these guys out musically, performance-wise, creatively, and see if there’s any kind of chemistry there.”

Flynn certainly makes it clear that Machine Head is simply looking for someone to fill in for Mayhem Fest. However, we have to believe that whoever wins the gig is going to be a leading candidate once the band looks for a permanent replacement. We also have a strong feeling that one of the “known” guys auditioning is ex-Fear Factory member Christian Wolde Olbers, who submitted his own audition video online. With Mayhem Fest kicking off at the end of June, we’ll likely know who Machine Head pick to fill in on bass pretty soon.