Local H are Metallica’s ‘Hit The Stage’ contest winners

Posted by on April 26, 2017

This afternoon, Lars Ulrich appeared on Chicago radio station WLUP to announce their winner of the “Hit the Stage” contest. It might have been a giveaway that it was a Chicago station, because Illinois grunge-rockers Local H won the contest. The band, who you might remember from their ’90s anthems “High Fiving MF” and “Bound for the Floor,” most recently stated on their web site “To be honest, it doesn’t look like we’ve got a hope in hell of winning this thing –but let’s give it a shot. Vote!” Turns out they did win, and while there might be more metal-leaning bands that could’ve won, Local H are the most seasoned and probably most likely to connect with some of the older Metallica fans that straggle in to Foxbourough, St. Louis, San Antonio, Dallas and Chicago. 

Here’s the band’s most popular tune: 

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