Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme has already fessed up to his mistake of kicking Shutterstock photographer Chelsea Lauren’s camera (which then hit her face) during KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Los Angeles this past Saturday. This came after a quite public backlash after the incident was caught on video. His initial apology blamed gear and stated he was “lost in performance,” but that moment also included insulting Muse and cutting his forehead with a razor blade. According to another photographer who was in the photo pit that night, Lauren wasn’t the only one who was attacked. Photographer Jeff Kravitz (credited in Getty Images and MTV) witnessed Homme allegedly kicking a light into the back of a security guard’s head who was also standing in the photo pit area.

He shared the following details on his Facebook:

“Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age sent two people in the photo pit to the medic last nite. One was photographer Chelsea Lauren who posted a video of getting kicked in the head that is just shocking in it’s casual approach to violence. The other victim was a security guard who got a light kicked into the back of his head. Never in all my years have I seen such a bully on stage. He also insulted Muse and sliced his own face open with a knife. When you have no talent you have to get attention by being a moron. He’s banned and this is the last time I will shoot him.”

The security guard hasn’t publicly reported this incident and we can sadly assume we won’t see another apology from Homme. However, we do hope he gets help from his recent uncontrollable behavior.

[via MetalSucks]