John Dolmayan says new System of a Down music may be written after tour

Posted by on April 3, 2015

Contrary to previous reports, new System of a Down music may take a bit longer than previously stated.

Last month, we reported that System of a Down were working on new music when bassist Shavo Odadjian told Madcap Music Review exactly that – saying that he and the band had already written some songs and were “getting back to the bullshit of being together.”

Recently the band spoke with Billboard, primarily about their upcoming Wake Up the Souls tour, but drummer John Dolmayan opened up a bit on the topic of new music as well:

“We do want to get together after the tour to talk about writing, but who knows. Maybe things will happen on this tour that will inspire songs. …Anything can surprise you.”

System of a Down is clearly very focused on their upcoming tour, which aims to commemorate and spread awareness about the Armenian Genocide due to its 100 year anniversary. Dolymayan elaborates on the tour and its purpose:

“It’s something that transcends music. This is more important than the next System of a Down album. This is something that’s far-reaching and it’s actually bigger than the Armenian genocide itself. This is a world issue.”

These statements make it seem as if System of a Down isn’t as far along as it was made out to be by Odadjian, but of course that could just be Dolmayan being conservative on the topic and not wanting to promise too much. Although the new album doesn’t have a solidified timeline at this point, it’s at least good to hear that writing music together post-tour is something the band is looking to do.


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