Jerry Only says he was always friends with Danzig, talks reunion

Posted by on May 13, 2016

misfitsYesterday, the punk and metal world was thrown for a loop when it was announced that Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only would be reuniting in the Misfits at the Riot Fest. Just last year, we named them as one of the top 5 bands that would never reunite. Aside from the mercurial temper of Danzig, there was even a legal battle  between the two over the use of the Misfits logo. Except speaking to Rolling Stone about how the reunion came together, Only say the two were friends all along, but with an adversarial relationship:

“We were never not friends. We were just adversaries. Larry Bird might not have liked Michael Jordan on the court, but when they go out to a bar they’re cool.”

Perhaps, but Larry and Michael never sued each other. According to Only, it was a legal battle that led to the reunion. There was set to be more litigation between the two, and they met up before they lawyered up. “It was turning into another court battle and it turned into a reunion,” Only says. We walked out the door knowing we were going to play together.” Misfits don’t have a drummer yet, but Only says that they have someone in mind, a “family guy” that lost positions in bands due to family commitments. What’s the future hold beyond the Denver and Chicago Riot Fests? Only says he’ll be happy if they make it to the second show, so don’t hold your breath

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