Ill Niño frontman Cristian Machado is not impressed with today’s music industry

Posted by on March 30, 2017

In 2001, latin alternative metallers Ill Niño released Revolution Revolución, bringing in a crushing distinct sound in both English and Spanish languages. It is hard to believe that songs such as “What Comes Around,” and “Liar” are over fifteen years old. The band is currently on a European tour to celebrate the album’s anniversary and while on the road, Mike James Rock Show sat down with vocalist Cristian Machado discussing the band’s overall success.

Mike James spoke like a genuine fan who’s been there since Revolution Revolución. This led to Machado going into detail how lucky they were to make it before the music industry took a dump:

“I am definitely grateful that we came out when we did. We were one of the lucky bands that came right before the cusp of literally before the music industry took a shit. It’s very difficult for bands nowadays to really break through the ice and come out. It’s a lot of album releases and most records don’t even get heard by fans. It sucks, the music industry is tough nowadays and the bands that are really good can break through but it takes a lot of diversity. A lot of maturity and a lot of drive. You have to be really into it and to sacrifice everything or willing to sacrifice everything in your life for the music. Back in the day, it was like that, there was a little money in it and it was OK. We were lucky we came out then and were able to put out an album that can release some kind of timeless.”

Later in the interview, Machado was asked if there are any plans for a new album:

“Oh, definitely. I know we’re all excited to begin the writing process. We haven’t yet, we have some ideas throwing around, things like that, but we haven’t started gelling ideas together.”

Check out the full interview below:


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