Earlier this year, Ill Niño erupted into a legal battle once vocalist Cristian Machado, rhythm guitarist Diego Verduzco, and guitarist Ahrue Luster had denied claims of leaving the band. Now a 53-page documentation of the lawsuit has surfaced and portrays drummer and band manager, Dave Chavarri in a negative manner. The lawsuit claims that Chavarri was conducting questionable business transactions as the band’s manager and was falsifying documents in his favor.

Below is a list of claims against Chavarri.

  • Failing to pay “several third parties,” ranging from a tour bus rental company and tour bus driver to their merch printing service to the band’s recording engineer and sound mixer.
  • Keeping some or all of the money bands like Sunflower Dead and Xtortya paid in exchange for opening slots on Ill Niño tours (a practice known as “buying on”).
  • Using his status as Ill Niño’s manager to pressure those bands that had bought onto tours to pay for his personal expenses.
  • Using his status as Ill Niño’s manager to convert a lucrative offer to sign with Minus Head Records into a deal for his other band, Terror Universal, instead.
  • Using his status as Ill Niño’s manager to scam the band into taking a financial loss while repaying a personal loan for himself.
  • Collecting and/or spending band revenues without the other members’ knowledge or consent.
  • Pocketing show guarantees and tour advances for himself, sometimes even cancelling tours and then refusing to return the promoter’s advance.
  • Falsifying financial documents in order to keep tens of thousands of dollars for himself.
  • Refusing the band members their legally owed access to financial records.

The document also states that Chavarri and bassist Lazaro Pina were spreading rumors throughout the industry about Machado having a drug problem. Chavarri was also offered a buyout before trying to illegally fire his bandmates.

The members who were originally kicked out, Machado, Luster, and Verduzco are now seeking to completely remove Chavarri from the band and receive compensation for damages that will be determined during the trial.

You can find the full copy of the lawsuit over at MetalSucks



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