rottingoutvanarestWalter Delgado, former frontman of Rotting Out won’t be rotting in jail, at least not for the time being. The singer was arrested last month in Ohio after a van he was in was pulled over for following too closely. A drug-sniffing dog did his job and smelled drugs – not just a roach, either. A subsequent search of the van revealed 70 pounds of pot, 1000 THC e-cigarette inserts and steroids. There was also money recovered. Delgado and Anthony Jocum of the band Search Bloc were incarcerated, where they remained until March 22, when he was released via a $2,500 bond. The former frontman waived his rights to a preliminary hearing, and an indictment and court appearance are pending. Has Delgado learned his lesson? According to a tweet he sent yesterday, he at least recognized that he’s a dumbass.


[via Lambgoat]