Exodus lyrics get fan arrested

Posted by on September 4, 2014

An Exodus fan in Kentucky posted some lyrics to the song “Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)” on Facebook and he ended up getting arrested for making terroristic threats.

The fan, 31 year old James Evans, posted the lyrics on August 24, and ended up in jail after “multiple agencies received calls concerned about the post.”

Here are the lyrics, from the 2010 album Exhibit B: The Human Condition, that led to the arrest:

“Student bodies lying dead in the halls, a blood splattered treatise of hate. Class dismissed is my hypothesis, gun fire ends in debate.”

Guitarist Gary Holt issued a statement regarding the situation.

“The idea that an individual in this great country of ours could be arrested for simply posting lyrics to a song is something I never believed could happen in a free society,” states EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt. “James Evans was simply posting lyrics to a band he likes on Facebook, and he was locked up for it. The song ‘Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)’ was written as a view through the eyes of a madman and in no way endorses that kind of fucked up behavior. It was the Virginia Tech massacre perpetrated by Seung-Hui Cho that was the subject and inspiration to write the song, one in which we put the brakes on playing it live after the Sandy Hook shooting, as we did not want to seem insensitive.”

Gary continues, “As some of us in EXODUS are parents, of course these things hit close to home, it’s every parent’s worst fear. These moments are the stuff of nightmares, and life, as well as music, isn’t always pretty. But when we start to overreact to things like lyrics by any band, including EXODUS, and start arresting people, we are caving in to paranoia and are well on our way to becoming an Orwellian society.”


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