Ghost’s Papa Emeritus to unmask himself for the first time on Swedish radio

Posted by on June 14, 2017

Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus/Tobias Forge is finally going to publicly unmask himself for the first time since the band’s formation, almost one decade ago. August 17th will mark his uncovering debut and it will take place on the Swedish radio channel Sommar i P1.

Forge explained:

“I’m going to talk about my background and about how things never quite turn out the way you think they will.”

The frontman is currently facing a legal dispute between him and former bandmates. In recent court documents, nearly all former members have been exposed.The Swedish metallers aim to hit the studio once they complete touring with Iron Maiden, and should begin recording a follow-up from 2015’s Meliora on August 14th. We are curious to know what’s in store for the band’s future. Especially since Forge has hinted it being more of a solo project than a collaborative piece. Will there be a Papa Emeritus IV, or will Tobias become the new Papa? 

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