Ghost legal battle continues as ex-Nameless Ghouls respond to suit

Posted by on September 5, 2017

The amount of camp there is in seeing a Ghost show is equal to the amount of drama that’s happening behind the masks of Papa Emeritus and the multitude of Nameless Ghouls. To wit, a handful of former members of the band took Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emeritus) to court saying that they were owed past dues for their work in the band, and that Forge was basically looking at the band as a solo project, not giving them credit for their work. Forge responded to the suit by saying that damn right it’s his project, and he doesn’t owe them anything. 

The former members have responded to Forge’s response. here’s their translation, which came from Reddit user Joppe777:

“Tobias Forge is trying in his reply to paint a picture of the parties’ cooperation in Ghost has been a solo business run by Tobias Forge, with the other musicians being hired guest musicians and almost passive puppets in the business. This is not in compliance with the truth. Tobias Forge has certainly been the band’s main songwriter, had the role as the band’s cinematic front figure ‘Papa Emeritus’, has been a driving force in the band’s business, as well as handling to the band’s affairs business outward. However, the activities carried out with respect to Ghost have extensively been handled jointly by the members, for example. by making decisions jointly regarding the band’s image, by participating in interviews, and by the fact that every member has, at some time or always, contributed when recording the band’s albums and singles and by touring together almost continuously since 2011.”

The response also brings up Peter Hallje, who said he invented the original character of Papa Emeritus: 

“It is also noteworthy that the figure ‘Papa Emeritus’, as Ghost builds his entire image, was created by Peter Hällje. Peter Hällje has never been a member of the band but was involved in the circles around the band when it was formed. The reason Peter Hällje let Ghost make use of the figure and concept he created was that he was a good friend of Martin Persner. It is also noteworthy that the permission given by Peter Hällje was not given to Tobias Forge, but to Martin Persner for use in the band Ghost.”

You can read the whole thing online here, but suffice it to say, it’s going to be an interesting trial.

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