While the cruel, cruel hands of death appear to have been wrapped around 2016’s throat, thankfully Eyehategod’s Mike IX Williams evaded it despited a liver transplant and several months in the hospital. In fact, his new liver started producing bile right away, and he’s been downgraded into what’s being called hospital hotel. When reached for comment, Williams seemed almost jokey about it: 

“So honestly. I’m procrastinating because I’m waiting to write something introspective and creative blah blah blah, but truth be told and blessed be, I am recovering from massive brutal surgery at a speedy rate and exactly where I want to be! Doctors are happy with my progression. Thanks to everyone who’s donated and contributed. Please continue to spread the word of these benefits, as there is a long road of medical expenses to be accounted for…”

So he’s not out of the woods, or hospital, yet. His YouCaring site has raised over $72,000, and that’s actually pretty great, but it’s also less than half of what they’re looking for. And there will be benefit shows for him, the first of which is taking place from February 3-5 in New Orleans. Superjoint, Crowbar, Goatwhore, Thou, Childe Bite, Flesh Parade, Classhole, Jimmy Bower and Bruce Lamont, as well as Eyehategod with a special singer. Get tickets for that here if you’re in the Big Easy.