Regardless of political views, President Donald Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer have gone viral. After becoming the President of the United States, it’s a given. However, President Trump’s Twitter activity, makes one question the amount of free time on his (maybe too small) hands. It didn’t take too long to discover Trump’s frustration with what he calls “fake news” and his distaste for NBC’s Saturday Night Live skits, including the latest Sean Spicer Press Conference cold open. Surprisingly, Trump hasn’t discovered that his emotional Twitter outbursts have been turned into an emo song thanks to Super Deluxe. The track goes through a wave of emotions, from sadness, anger, to hopelessness, making it sound like an early 2000’s hit from Blink 182, My Chemical Romance or Dashboard Confessional.

You can listen to this song here:


Here are a few Emo tunes, can you hear the difference or similarities?

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump continues to scream out “Fake News,” making us hope for another emo song.