spitzLast week, we wrote about the Christmas morning arrest of Red Lamb and former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz on suspicion of domestic abuse charges against his wife. In a follow up interview with Gossip Extra, Spitz’s wife Candi was interviewed with her family at the Zoo Miami shortly after his release, and said that she would not be pursuing the matter in court, stating that it was all a misunderstanding. “We were separated for a week last year, and Christmas eve was the first anniversary,” she says. “The stress level at home has been astronomical… We were all drinking wine, and he just snapped.” She says that Spitz started packing his bags and she stood in his way. “No matter what’s in the police report, he never hit me or tried to harm me. He did shove me, and unfortunately I bruised my shoulder.”

One other thing Candi announced was a bit of a bombshell. In talking about the stress level at the Spitz household, she mentions that both their children are autistic and that “Dan may have early onset Parkinson’s Disease.” Whoa. That’s the first we’d heard of that. Here’s hoping that it’s early enough in the process of discovery that he can put off or prevent things from developing further. There’s no word on what Spitz’s plans are with Red Lamb, but it seemed like something he was going to push forward with when we spoke to him about it in 2012.