Corey Taylor has been on the road with Stone Sour, and during their trek, fans from across North America have been shouting, “fuck Nickelback.” It all started when Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger called Stone Sour, “Nickelback lite.” Taylor’s first reaction was to remind the frontman he was once considered the ugliest dude in rock followed by comparing their music to KFC chicken. We don’t know what caused this continuous beef, and neither does Mr. Bigmouth himself. However, the story continues after a new chat with Jaxon of 93.3 WMMR in Philly.

Taylor commented (transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“That just tells you the level of ego you’re dealing with. And I’ve said this since day one — it’s not the [rest of his] band. Because the [other guys in the] band turned around… As soon as that story hit, the band called and apologized. They were, like, ‘It’s not us. We promise. It’s this guy. We don’t…’ And I had hung out with the band before, and they’re super-cool dudes. So I was, like… Well, I figured it wasn’t them. So I don’t want people holding it against the band, because it’s not them. It’s Captain Ego from Planet Douche.”

Asked if the two had any issues before Kroeger’s comments:

“No, not really. I mean, I said something maybe, like, fifteen years ago, but I was drinking then; nobody was listening to me then. And I hadn’t said anything since; I don’t even think about him. For real. This came so far out of left field that I woke up to everyone, like, blowing me up. And I was, like, ‘Really?'”

Later, Taylor mentioned, Stone Sour has been greeted by their fans with “fuck Nickelback” chants:

“It’s been, like, the last four shows. It [happened] in Canada yesterday — [which is Nickelback’s] stomping grounds. I was, like, ‘Maybe they’re gonna come at us with some pushback.’ [But they were the loudest chant.] It was funny. We were losing our minds. [We thought] this was obviously something they’ve been holding on to.”


Check out the audio below: