Canadian cop killer Justin Bourque caught

Posted by on June 6, 2014

In an update to a story we wrote about yesterday, Justin Bourque, the alleged killer of three Royal Canadian Mounted Policemen in Moncton, New Brunswick, has been captured alive. Apparently, he was captured in a yard, and apparently said “I’m done” as he surrendered to police. It was noted by many that the last post on his Facebook page were the lyrics to Megadeth’s “Hook In Mouth.” Interestingly enough, it appears that in the 29 hours he was on the run, he continued to accept friend requests on Facebook. In addition to Megadeth and Dethklok, a friend said that he also listened to Black Sabbath. here’s what Mike Campbell, who described himself as Bourque’s best friend, described his most recent meeting with him:

We were just sitting in the garage drinking a little bit of whiskey, listening to some Black Sabbath, and having a good time. Then he got up. “I should get home before I pass out,” is what he said. “I’m going to go,”‘ Campbell said.

It should be noted that the music Bourque listened to had nothing to do with his killing spree. The Pantera song “Goddamn Electric” is about listening to Black Sabbath and drinking whiskey, and it’s a celebratory song. The rest of his online profile appears to show a mentally disturbed person that turned increasingly pro gun and anti-police. Countless people listen to Megadeth, Black Sabbath and Dethklok without doing anything more than enjoying it. However, since the last thing he posted on his Facebook page was the lyrics to “Hook in Mouth,” media has chosen to fixate on the fact that he was a metal fan. Any reader of this site should know better, but for mainstream media, which is always looking for a reason to blame, the music Bourque listened to is an easy scapegoat. The fact that he was captured alive will hopefully give more insight into what made him go on the rampage on Wednesday, but it’s safe to say that metal is not the reason.

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