Today In Obvious: Motörhead/Megadeth Pregnancy Story Was A Fake

Posted by on April 19, 2012

Fuse was the first outlet to break the story of a Craigslist post purporting to be from a 28 year-old blue-haired lady looking for the guy who knocked her up at the Chicago Gigantour stop. After that, a lot of metal blogs picked up on it (including us), but beyond that, it became a legitimate news story, with CNN, Gawker, the New York Daily News, and many other outlets reporting on it. While it struck a nerve with people, we couldn’t help but be a little skeptical as to whether it was real or not. Well, according to Fuse, it can now be revealed that the story was indeed a hoax.

It turns out that “Crash,” as the woman who responded to Fuse’s David Shapiro code-named herself, was 23, not 28, and from Kansas. Oh yeah, and she totally made the story up. It turns out that “Crash,” a chef, created the post while unable to sleep to impress a boy. She wasn’t at the concert, and can’t name any Megadeth or Motörhead songs. Really Crash? Not even “Ace of Spades?” False metal for sure. At any rate, she randomly picked that show because the date of the post was far enough apart from the show that a pregnancy scare could be believable. Apparently, some sex might have actually gone down at the show, since she stated she got “email responses from a few terrified concertgoers who thought they had impregnated me.”

Until yesterday, only “Crash” and a few friends knew that the story was a hoax. She apologized, saying that it was “just supposed to be a silly thing that was never supposed to get this big,” and was only done to make her friend laugh. Not only did her friend laugh, a lot of other people did, too. Knowing that it was just done as a joke and blew up the way it did, it’s hard to be mad at this girl. Obviously, America had a Megadeth/Motörhead pregnancy scare-sized hole in them that needed to be filled, and “Crash” came along at the right time. If someone’s smart, they’re optioning a script for it right now. And if it wasn’t for the fact that she can’t name a single song by Megadeth or Motörhead, we’d almost totally forgive her.

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