This week, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has done some stuff. Walked into his favorite bar, for one. And popped up in a video for his aircraft company, Cardiff Aviation LTD. And while it normally wouldn’t be a huge deal for him to do either of those, this is the first week of public appearances he’s made since being treated for cancer after a tumor was found at the back of his tongue.

The Cardiff even he was spotted at was a press event for Cardiff. In addition to appearing in the pics, which were taken by Iron Maiden Spain, he donned a fake mustache to shoot a promotional video for Cardiff’s hybrid Airlander vehicle. As far as we’re concerned, seeing Bruce Dickinson up and about is nothing but a positive. His cancer probably pushed the Iron Maiden album, which many are expecting this year, back a bit, but if he’s hitting the promotional trail for his aircraft company, the Maiden album can’t be far behind.

[via Metal Hammer]