Belphegor_HelmuthWe know that Russia is not a very tolerant country in many aspects, which sometimes extends to their thoughts on heavy metal. For years, bands have faced difficulties when trying to perform in the motherland – like Behemoth, whogot arrested and ejected entirely out of the country for simply being Behemoth. Now, it seems like is Belphegor who had to deal with some perils during their last visit in the country, particularly its frontman Helmuth Lehner.

During their current visit to Russia in company of Nile and Melechesh, Belphegor had to deal with some opposition by a Christian orthodox at the airport in St. Petersburg, who claims Lehner attacked him and sent him to the emergency room, although on the video you can see Lehner being the one spat on and attacked.

“It’s all lies and slander. There are surveillance cameras that are recorded. We most likely will file a complaint with the police on the fact of hooliganism “- said a spokesman for Infinity Concerts, the organizers for Belphegor’s concert in the city. He also stated that there was a group of Christian activist picketing the arrival of the band because of their Satanic lyrics and that they will enhance the security for their show.

This has been an ongoing issue in Russia. A few weeks ago, Polish band Batushka was forced to cancel their performance in Moscow due to threats coming from the orthodox church opposition of attacking or even killing those who attend the concert.

Also, huge props to Nile’s Karl Sanders for helping calm down the situation.

Nile Belphegor Russia tour 2016