Bad Brains’ HR to undergo brain surgery this month

Posted by on February 1, 2017

It hasn’t been an easy run in the last few years for seminal Washington D.C. hardcore band Bad Brains.  Guitarist Dr. Know had a heart attack and was on life support, although he seems to have recovered. And ironically, it was revealed last year that singer HR had a neurobiological disorder and he needed brain surgery. A crowdfunding page was launched, and it’s since surpassed it’s goal of $15,000. The frontman is suffering from SUNCT, a condition that suddenly and frequently gives intense headaches. 

Thankfully, the singer is going to have brain surgery later this month, on February 21st. The singer stopped by Loudwire to discuss what’s going on: 

“[My wife] took me to the hospital so I would learn about what was going on in my head, because I was experiencing bad headaches at the time,” H.R. told us. “And the doctor came to me and he said we’re going to have a surgery.”

He says he’s been managing his pain with a “cocktail of pharmaceuticals” and holistic substances including Spiralina, wheatgreass, goldenseal and Vitamins A, D and C. Here’s hoping that the surgery goes well. Apparently, the doctor has successfully performed the surgery over 200 times, which is encouraging.

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