Jimmy Kimmel plays David Lee Roth injury in slow motion

Posted by on April 1, 2015


On Monday night, Van Halen shut down Hollywood Boulevard to make their first television appearance with original singer David Lee Roth on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And while that was a spectacle in itself, not to mention the first public appearance of the band in several years, what many people were talking about even more than the performance itself was the fact that Diamond Dave cut his nose during the first song. Being the showman that he is, he bandaged it up and played the seven-song set. On last night’s show, Kimmel showed some close-up and slowed-down footage of Roth, maniacally twirling a baton and injuring his nose. Kimmel explains that right after the show Roth received 14 stitches.

Aside from that, the band continued with another night of music on last night’s Kimmel, playing “Hot For Teacher,” and “Eruption” into “You Really Got Me.” Instead of his talk before the verses in “Teacher,” he spoke about the Los Angeles clubs that the  band played back in their infacty. You can see those performances below:
Hot For Teacher


Eruption/You Really Got Me

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