Aliens, religion among themes on new Testament album

Posted by on February 8, 2016

chuck billyYou can expect a new Testament album later this year. In an interview with WMSC 90.3, frontman Chuck Billy dropped the title, Brotherhood of The Snake. He also included that they hope to have the first single (the title track), mixed and released free soon.

He also talked about how his Catholic background influenced the writing, and went so far as to say that there’s hints of the relationship between aliens and religion:

“I was born Catholic and seeing all these shows on the connection between religion and aliens, it makes you think about everything. There’s a fascination with that.”

In addition to the possibility of ET making a cameo, Billy also said that most of the album is centered around the concept of a 5,000 secret society. So far, it seems promising.

The album was originally supposed to drop in March 2015, but it was delayed due Testament’s tour with Slayer and Carcass.

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