Maynard James Keenan must be under a lot of pressure. 2017 is looking jam-packed with his A Perfect Circle and Tool demands. We’ve been waiting for non-Puscifer Maynard music since APC’s cover album eMOTIVe in 2004 and Tool’s  10,000 Days in 2006. We already know that Tool will be headlining a few festivals and Maynard is finally recording vocals for a new Tool album. And now, according to A Perfect Circle’s Instagram, we get to see their 2017 lineup looking exactly the same as their last tour in 2013.

Shortly after A Perfect Circle’s Spring tour announcement, Guitarist Billy Howerdel spoke with Billboard. Howerdel seems to have every intention to play new songs during the tour and releasing a new album in 2017, stating:

“We’re not promising anything, but I have every intention of doing my best to have us playing some new tracks during this run — with the idea that new music is coming very soon after.”

Hopefully, we get to hear an update soon, all we know is things are progressing and we are amped about it.


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