Tuner/GPS tracker looks to stem gear theft

Posted by on October 14, 2016


If there’s one thing that St. Louis is known for other than an arch, it’s the fact that touring bands can’t play there without having their gear stolen. Time after time after time, it’s happened, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Even when guards were hired to watch vans, thieves struck in the minute or two that the guards turned their backs. And while there might not be a quick or easy way to stop the thefts, a St. Louis-based company owner has come up with a solution that’s pretty ingenious – a GPS tracker built into a tuner.

The Smrt Roadie is a tuner that gets plugged into a pedal board, which is something every musician should have. However, when it’s plugged in, it’s charging, and when it’s off the board, it’ll become the music gear version of “find my iPhone,” staying charged for up to ten days. Jesse Caron, who came up with the idea, says that he’s hoping to have a prototype version available in a few weeks. The Smrt Roadie will cost $149.95, which isn’t super cheap, but you’re getting both a tuner and piece of mind knowing that if your gear gets stolen, you’ll at least know where it is. Caron plans on launching it via Kickstarter, and letting St. Louis bands test it. It’s fitting and kind of awesome that the person to come up with this idea is from St. Louis. Here’s hoping it’s a success.

[via the Riverfront Times]

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