Anyone who knows about past Pantera reunion speculations knows that the top contender to fill in for Dimebag Darrell is one of his closest friends, Zakk Wylde. With the news that Down will be on the Revolver Golden Gods Tour with Black Label Society during the month of May, some fans have naturally wondered if Zakk and Phil Anselmo might unite onstage to perform a Pantera song or two.

In a recent interview with 95X, Zakk was asked about the possibility of playing with Phil and responded:

“Me and Phil were speaking on the phone, talking about how excited we are, like a bunch of little schoolgirls. We were both very jovial and excited.

But no… me and Phil were just talking and said, yeah, maybe we should throw down on something early and legit and something that has some weight. We discussed that.

Me and Phil were laughing our asses off, talking about the comedy of the music business and everything like that, and what’s going on with the bands.

“Whenever I talk to Phil, we’re always laughing our balls off; it’s always a good time. ‘Cause I’m buddies with all the guys in Down — Phil as well.

It’s definitely gonna be a good time, man.”

Well that’s pretty cool. We won’t know for sure if it’ll happen until the tour starts, but Zakk’s comments make it seem more likely than not that we’ll see some Pantera action going on come may.

[via Blabbermouth]