Late last year we heard the news about Ronnie James Dio’s hologram touring in 2017. While that seemed a bit far-fetched and unrealistic, it’s happening. We saw his debut hologram performance in August, closing out Wacken Open Air and it seems that some will get to see the technology in America sooner than we thought. According to Blabbermouth, the late Ronnie James Dio will make his US debut, at the 28th annual Pollstar Awards on February 2 at the Novo in Los Angeles, California.

Dio Disciples will perform while a hologram of Dio, created by Eyellusion, will be displayed on the stage, paying tribute to the legend with classic tunes. Additionally, Dio’s widow Wendy and Eyllusion’s Jeff Pezzuti, will participate in a Pollstar Live! the panel discussing “The Hologram Experience.” We’re assuming more dates will be revealed after receiving a reaction from this performance, and it’s likely the first of more touring holograms we’ll be hearing about from the company