Stray From The Path Take Name Literally, Flip Van

Posted by on November 4, 2011

One of the hardest parts of touring is the constant threat of accidents, and yesterday following their show in Denver, Stray From the Path flipped their van. “We flipped our van. We are all ok physically. Equipment unsure, van unsure,” a posting on their  Facebook page read. The band is currently in the midst of the “God Damn” tour with The Acacia Strain, Terror, and Harm’s Way. There’s no word yet on whether the band will have to cancel any tour dates, but they noted on Twitter that their trailer was destroyed, which is noticeable from the picture they tweeted. The Denver show was only the eighth show of the tour, which continues through the end of the month and is scheduled to continue tonight in Salt Lake City. We’ll let you know what dates get effected by the band’s mishap, and are thankful that things weren’t much worse.


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