Scale the Summit guitarist slices open finger; band will miss next show

Posted by on August 8, 2014

Being on the road is a hazardous job, especially when you don’t have a crew to handle things like loading in, packing the¬†vehicle, or merch setup. Such was the case for Scale the Summit guitarist Chris Letchford, who injured his finger on a knife last night in Albuquerque, NM. The band will miss their next show in Denver, CO after a hospital visit for Letchford, and may potentially miss more as Letchford’s injury is evaluated.

The band offered the following statement this morning about the incident:

It’s every guitar player’s worst nightmare‚Ķbut last night Chris had a pocket knife close on his fingertip cutting it all the way down to the bone while fixing a part of our merch booth sign. An ER visit and some stitches later, he’ll be just fine, but unfortunately we’re unable play the show in Denver, CO today and possibly a few more, time will tell.

We need time for Chris’ finger to heal and time to create backing tracks for several songs Chris can’t play in the event that he still isn’t healed enough when we resume the tour. This way, we can still present as much of a Scale the Summit show as we possibly can on the remaining dates, given the circumstances. We apologize profusely in advance to our fans and we hope to be back soon to make it up to you. Please go support our brothers in Monuments, Reflections, Erra and Glass Cloud! Please stay tuned here on our page for updates on the next few shows.

The band posted the above photo of Letchford on their Facebook following Letchford’s hospital discharge. Scale the Summit only has two weeks left of their current tour, so it’s entirely possible that Letchford will sit out the remainder of the tour while his finger heals. Regardless, we wish Letchford and Scale the Summit the best, and hopefully the injury heals quickly.


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