Puddle of Mudd singer angers fans yet again

Posted by on April 8, 2015

Remember when Puddle of Mudd got press coverage for something other than the ridiculous antics of their vocalist Wes Scantlin? No?

A year ago in Dallas, TX, Scantlin threw a microphone into the crowd, and then earlier this year in Denver, CO he took a, “joy ride on the carousel at the airport,” and got arrested – before a scheduled show that evening!

Now it’s being reported that just a few days ago Scantlin has another meltdown and seriously let down their fans (what’s left of them). Said one fan, via Facebook:

“Ok so puddle of mudd…. 3 songs into the set, the lead singer had a major temper tantrum- out of nowhere- and broke everything on stage….mikes, drum set, guitar….then picked up his backpack and left the stage.
That was it….”

The Puddle of Mudd Facebook page hasn’t been updated since April 2nd, the day before this most recent incident. Almost every post is filled with comments from angry fans, calling the band out for Scantlin’s erratic behavior.

(via Metal Injection)

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