Mushroomhead get in bus crash

Posted by on May 15, 2017

Mushroomhead are currently on the road, and yesterday, they got involved in a bus crash outside of Houston. None of them were seriously injured, which is good to hear. The band’s bus hit two cars that had already been in an accident. Programmer/turntablist Rick ‘Stitch’ Thomas reported on the accident, which looks a lot more serious than it actually was. In fact, they didn’t even wind up missing any shows, as a result, and even the people in the car they hit were ok.

“Never a boring moment on tour!

2 cars collided in front of us on the highway just outside of Houston,Tx. We couldn’t stop and slammed into them at about 60mph. Everyone is ok, including the people in the vehicle we hit.

On a charter bus now and trailer is getting towed to Scout Bar. The show must go on!!!! I’m not big on religion but someone was looking out for us today! Call your mothers!”

[via theprp]


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