Miss May I involved in second tour van accident

Posted by on March 22, 2016

miss-may-rise-of-the-lion-2014We have been seriously thinking about making a partner website called Tour Crash Insider and we believe it can hold on its own with the amount of tour accidents we report. We can envision it becoming a site your band will want to stay away from getting a headline on. Sadly, we have a band that just recently got on our accidents rotation for exactly the same thing earlier this month and that’s Miss May I, who were involved in a second van accident during this tour.

The possibly-cursed band was involved in another vehicle accident after 3 weeks since we reported on the first one they had on their way to Chicago which they eventually ended up pulling out from as they weren’t unable to get there on time. In a series of tweets, bassist Ryan Neff expressed his frustration over the recent accident:

The band released a proper statement regarding their terrible luck and the cancellation of their Albuquerque show:

Hey everyone, some of you may have heard that, for the second time on this tour, we were involved in a crash on the freeway. The good news is that save for a few scrapes and bruises, everyone is OK and we even managed to make it to last night’s show. However, we will be spending today waiting for our van to be fixed up, so we will not be able to make the show this evening in Albuquerque, NM. We will still make our show in St Louis, MO tomorrow however. Albuquerque, we will be back on May 7th with our friends in Memphis May Fire, We Came As Romans and For Today. We’re sorry to everyone that was coming out tonight, hopefully we can see you then! Stay Metal and stay safe!

Remember to always insure your touring vehicles with full coverage and drive safely.

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