ministrylineupIt’s been a long, strange trip for Ministry. Al Jourgensen broke up the band up in 2007, then reformed them to put out another album, Relapse, in 2012. Then, in 2013, the band released From Beer to Eternity, but before then, guitarist Mike Scaccia died onstage while playing with Rigor Mortis. Jourgensen claimed that the band would be broken up following Scaccia’s death, and then went into rehab. Earlier this year, he stated that they would be touring next year. And with Scaccia’s passing, they’ve lined up a suitable replacement – Madonna and Prong guitarist Monte Pittman. In addition, Tony Campos, who played in Static-X and Soulfly, is on bass. Here’s the full lineup.

Vocals – Al Jourgensen
Guitars – Monte Pittman
Guitars – Sin Quirin
Bass – Tony Campos
Drums – Aaron Rossi
Keys – John Bechdel