Ministry’s Al Jourgensen enters rehab

Posted by on February 4, 2014

al_jourgensenThey tried to make him go to rehab, he said… okay. As announced earlier, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has checked into rehabilitation for alcohol addiction. As he stated via Facebook, he shipped off yesterday, the day after the big game, to what he referred to as “drunky gulag,” and said he was looking forward to it. He also wrote several handwritten notes, one of which stated “hey fuckheads, If I can do this you can too!” His wife Angelina wrote a post on his Facebook page stating the following earlier this morning:

Good Morning Alien Nation! Al asked me to post updates for you here every so often. Al made it into rehab yesterday…he went straight into Medical Detox. His blood alcohol level was .33 so he’s being supervised 24/7 during his detox by doctors and nurses. I just want to give you a quick check-in will write more after I get myself together. Thank you ALL of you so much for your love and support – YOU had a major part in Al making his decision to get help – I love you for that… xoxox Angelina

It’s encouraging to see he’s still in high spirits. It’ll be interesting to see how his spirits remain as he gets weaned off booze in the coming days. Hopefully, he’ll be able to kick the habit, because hell, he’s kicked a lot worse than that.

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