Part of the appeal of High on Fire is frontman Matt Pike’s voice, which sounds like he’s been gargling whiskey and razor blades. Looks like he actually has been gargling whiskey a little too much, as High On Fire have been forced to pull out of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, due to Pike entering rehab for alcohol abuse. This comes as somewhat of a shock, especially after Sleep played just last weekend at the Scion Rock Fest. It’s a damn shame the band has to pull out of what would have arguably put them in front of the biggest crowds they’ve played in front of in the States, but it’s admirable that the band is doing what it takes to get Pike sober. The trio have scrapped all touring plans for the foreseeable future.

“High on Fire would like to thank everyone involved with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival for the opportunity to be a part of this year’s tour,” said the band in a statement.  “We regretfully will have to bow out as our friend and bandmate begins his recovery, but very much appreciate having been asked to be a part of this summer’s festival run.”

There’s no word on what band, if any, will replace High on Fire on the bill. The Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival kicks off at the end of the month.

UPDATE: Mayhem Festival founder Kevin Lyman tells Metal Insider that he and co-producer John Reese are “working on something and should figure it out soon,” as far as a replacement goes. It goes without saying that as soon as we hear anything, we’ll pass it on.