Live Gig Review: Brooklyn Honors Twenty Hideous Years of Fear with Wednesday 13 at the Meadows on 9/30/22

Posted by on October 4, 2022


Wednesday 13 was the night’s main attraction as a gang of horror fans, and I seized the night on the last night of September 2022. After indulging in a garlic guajillo steak burrito at Chipotle, I headed down to the Meadows in the heart of Williamsburg for a Friday night fiesta. That being a killer spook show that almost didn’t happen.

As I and others were waiting, we were informed when doors were supposed to open at 6:00 that Wednesday 13 would not be performing as mentioned by an on-site point person. After about twenty minutes, an employee of the Meadows announced that they were doing everything in their power to rectify the situation.

It took basic problem solving and troubleshooting, but everyone from the venue’s staff to the crew for Wednesday 13 pulled off a hail Mary for a patient audience to witness the undisputed Duke of Spook.

Without further ado, Wednesday 13 and his droogies floated on stage at around midnight, just in time for October 1st. While I’m sure everyone was feeling restless plodding through three subpar opening bands, it was still fun to see these songs come to life. Wednesday’s performance did not disappoint; everyone danced to classics like Blood Sucker, Serpent Society, and Die My Bride.

The career-spanning setlist ran the gamut for the late-night Brooklyn gig to celebrate twenty years of Wednesday 13-branded fear from the Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, the Murderdolls, and solo material. Keeping it energized, Wednesday 13 also grinded some entertaining stage raps between songs.

In honor of his dear friend, the late Joey Jordison, Wednesday 13, performed a cover of Nowhere by the Murderdolls. They also played Insides Out, a new song, Home Sweet Homicide, Graverobbing USA, Keep Watching the Skies, and ended with Bad Things. Because it was getting late, I Love to Say Fuck was not performed.

Besides a delayed start, it was a fun show, and I’m glad we all stuck around.

Also, don’t forget to tip the bartender(s), especially if there’s no coat check and you need a safe place to leave your laptop bag behind the bar.


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