Jesse Hughes details moments immediately after terrorist attack

Posted by on February 15, 2016

jessehughesLast night (14), Eagles of Death Metal returned to Europe to finish the tour they started before it was interrupted by a hail of gunfire on November 13th of last year. 89 people were killed in the terrorist attack that took place during the band’s concert in Paris at the Bataclan. By all reports, the band’s show in Stockholm was an emotional and cathartic return to the stage for the band. And while frontman Jesse Hughes spoke in detail about the attack before, he went into more detail while being interviewed by Sweden’s TV4. The singer said he knew what was happening as soon as the first shots rang out:

I knew exactly what was going on. I think I might have been the only one in the whole theatre who knew instantly. I saw a couple of girls go down and then we were able to get off the stage. I didn’t see my girl, Tuesday, and I went to the backstage area. When I opened up a hallway there was a dude at the end of it, holding a gun.

“He didn’t see me. The door shut behind me and I was trying to back up, like very very sneaky. But he noticed me. I thought I was dead – I waited for the shots to hit me.”

But as the terrorist pulled his rifle from his back, the barrel struck the doorframe above his head, giving Hughes time to escape. “I opened the door and he started firing and his rounds shot the door behind me,” he remembers.

That’s got to be grueling, knowing that he faced certain death. In the interview, he also states that he’s suffering from recurring nightmares, and is hoping to “get as far away from that feeling as I possibly can get.” The band’s show in Paris takes place tonight (15).

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