In case you needed more proof, Metallica’s latest tease pretty much confirms what everyone has known about since Dave Mustaine’s tweets. On their official website, Metallica posted the image seen in the top right corner with the headline “coming soon…” earlier this morning. In other words: THE BIG 4 WILL FINALLY BE PLAYING TOGETHER IN AMERICA!!! But not so fast, everyone. We still don’t know the exact dates and cities that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax will be playing.

However, it’s a sure bet that it will be in the Summer (around the same time when the four play the U.K. and France together), and most likely won’t be more than a handful of cities. Regardless, seeing as how long American fans have been waiting to see the Big 4 perform together on American soil (rather than just on a movie screen), this will certainly be one of the biggest events of the Summer!

More information should be announced soon. We will keep you informed when more is revealed. For now, though, rejoice over the fact that the Big 4 is coming to the States, even though by now everyone knew it was a sure thing to happen.

Update: According to their Facebook page, details will be unveiled about the tour tomorrow at 8am PST (that’d be 11 on the East Coast, brainiacs. Of course we’ll let you know as soon as we find out, but you can find out at the same time we do by going to the Facebook page and “liking” it. We like it. A lot.