Did Nikki Sixx spit on selfie-takers at last night’s Motley Crue show? [Updated]

Posted by on September 3, 2015


Motley Crue are in the last few months of their touring career, and judging from last night’s show in Miami, things might be ending just in time. The band’s Miami show was, at least according to bassist Nikki Sixx, marred by people taking selfies. That makes sense, given that Miami is a notoriously vain city. That didn’t sit well with the bassist, however. He went on a Twitter rant, after and apparently even during the band’s show last night, urging fans to enjoy the show and stop taking selfies. According to fans, Sixx actually spit on some of the audience while admonishing them. And while you can’t see him explicitly doing that in this, you do see him showing his displeasure towards the crowd in video shot by an audience member.


Tommy Lee weighed in on Twitter, apologizing for the “shitshow.” It’s hard to tell if there’s anything particularly shitshow-y about the show from the video above. Sure, Vince Neil doesn’t sound too hot, but he hasn’t for years now. Did Tommy notice Nikki freaking out on the audience?  At least one Crue fan did, reacting to Tommy’s tweet with one of their own,  stating “aftr 31 yrs and 19 shws +/ur solo tour…u need 2 talk 2 the bass guy…spitting on the audience throughout the show? not happy.”

[UPDATE: Yeah, he definitely did]

[via Ultimate Classic Rock]

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