It’s sad that we have to report on bands getting robbed left and right (particularly at a city that rhymes with “faint Lewis”) and usually all those story end with a link to a crowdfunding campaign to help the band get back on their feet. This time around, the story ended up sort of different and will sound like a scene from an action packed movie.

Louisiana rock band Viridian recently posted on their Facebook page the altercation they recently faced with a robber after playing their show in San Antonio, TX this past Saturday the 17th. The band briefly explained what happened:

Please keep us in your thoughts. Curtis and Derek were robbed at gunpoint after our show in San Antonio. The thief put a gun to their heads and told them to drive. They made off with the vehicle, trailer, and all of our equipment. Derek and Curtis managed to crash the vehicle to distract the gunman and wrestle the gun away. We are currently trying to assess the situation. Thanks to the heroic actions of Derek and Curtis, we will keep you updated.

While most people out there would’ve felt threatened and complied to the demands of the robber, vocalist Curtis Elliott and lead guitar Derek Meaux decided to act and fight against the guy, only suffering minor injuries from the crash and fight. Their valiant efforts actually paid off and Meaux and Elliot were able to get away with their equipment, the gun and their lives after the attacker was forced to flee the scene.

Now, before you jump the gun and criticize the danger of their actions, the band clarify that it was the best option to do, by stating:

We firmly believe that his intent was to kill them upon arrival to wherever he was telling them to drive to. The police agreed. Curtis said he felt like he could either die fighting for his life or die when he got there, so he decided to act. How badass is that?

While our first advise would be to stay away from putting yourself in danger, we can’t help but congratulate these heroes for fighting for their lives and winning. As for the rest of you, please stay safe while on the road.