Tool fans have been patiently waiting for nearly seven years for a follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days. While details about the next album are sparse and somewhat sporadic depending on who you ask, fans can look forward to something new from the band in 2013. And by “something new,” I mean “something that came out 21 years ago.” Yes, the band’s 1992 EP, Opiate, is going to be re-released on March 26, but it’s definitely something the band’s fans will want.

The new edition of the album will be limited to 5,000 copies, with art direction by Adam Jones, drawings from artist Adi Granov and design packaging by Mackie Osborne, who has worked with Tool for their last several releases. The 5,000 copies will be five runs of 1,000, with each having a variation of the exterior graphics. If you have a copy of 10,000 Days, you’re in luck, as one of the announced bonuses will be a new stereoscopic image that you’ll be able to view with the glasses that were included with that album. More bonuses will be announced as the EP gets closer.

You’ll only be able to pick up Opiate via the band’s site, and there are no pre-orders.  So basically, if you’re a die hard, you’re are already logged in and waiting for March 26 to furiously order. And if you’re a casual fan of the band, you’ll be able to pick up a copy for a lot of money via eBay.