Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Five years ago today, Warbringer released their sophomore album Waking into Nightmares.

Warbringer is always a thrash band that summed up the pure, raw aggression and passion of great thrash. Even though I’m not the biggest thrash fan, they’ve always been one of my favorites. I think that this album is WORLDS better than their debut. Warbringer actually creates their own identity on this album instead of being, in my opinion, a Slayer copy. John Kevill’s vocals are amazing as always, and expect this to be absolutely packed with great riffs. The instrumental, “Nightmare Anatomy,” also has some really sweet drum work.

This is just an album where I think there are certain tracks are way better than others. For example, I think the chorus of “Living in a Whirlwind” is just stupid. It seems like it’s supposed to be this intense chorus, but I just find it silly. And not silly in the good way. Besides that one, I don’t really think any tracks are bad, but there are some I just prefer way more than the others.

Favorite Tracks: “Scorched Earth,” “Senseless Life,” “Severed Reality,”

This is a really good thrash release, packed to the brim with amazing aggression and intensity. At the end of the day, I don’t see what more you could want out of a thrash release. It’s an overall extremely solid album, even if I think there are better tracks than others. If you’re a thrash fan, this is a really solid release to give you your fill. Who knows what will be in store for Warbringer next, considering two members just left, and they decided to continue on. Check it out!