Today in Metal: ‘Human Remains’ by Hell turns three years old

Posted by on May 13, 2014


Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year. Three years ago today, Hell released an album 30 years in the making, Human Remains.

This is really one of the most amazing, and impressive albums by a band that doesn’t have a huge amount of success. Hell as a band formed in the 80’s, but because of a lot of complications, gave up until very recently. This album, consisting of material written in the 80’s, is an absolute masterpiece. The riffs are amazing, the lyrics are the perfect balance of tongue-in-cheek and serious, and the haunting, occult atmosphere is incredible. There isn’t a single performance by any of the band members that is short of awesome. The album has songs for everyone. There are songs that are almost power metal-y, doom metal-y, black metal-y, everything. It really can please anyone. I can’t give this album enough accolades.

There’s very little I can say that is bad about this album. There is maybe a track or two that I dislike, but that’s it. I guess one small nitpick would be that, since every track fades one right into the other, it really should be listened to as an album, rather than track by track. But even when taken track by track, it’s awesome. Try not to let the makeup or the slightly cheesy nature deter you from how good the actual music is.

Favorite Tracks: “On Earth As It Is In Hell,” “The Quest,” “Macbeth,” “No Martyrs Cage,” “Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us,” “Blasphemy and the Master,” “Let Battle Commence,” “The Devil’s Deadly Weapon.”

This band does not get the attention or the accolades they deserve. I firmly believe that if things had gone right for this band in the 80’s, they would be known as metal legends today. I’m glad that they are finally getting some recognition today. I suggest anyone give this album a listen all the way through. It’s a true hidden gem.


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