Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano is listening to a different metal album that was released on that day every day this year.

This is another album worth listening to solely for the influence it had on so many metal bands. Metallica has a famous cover of “Am I Evil?” originally from this album. The album is just good, flowing, groove-worthy old-school metal. The riffs have that 1980’s feel to them, and so does the band’s energy. This is another example of an album that is just plain fun to listen to. The solos are GREAT, especially in the intro to “The Prince,” and the riffs are just as fun. For 1980, the album was very unique for the sound of heavy music.

Now, people might argue if this is fair or unfair to do, but compared to today, this album isn’t exactly complex. A lot of bands would take the style Diamond Head went for, and take it full speed ahead from there. The debate is whether you care about this or not, depending on if you feel the history of what it did speaks, or if you feel history shouldn’t excuse things like that. But, if you’re judging this album on other music in 1980, I can find very little to say bad about it.

Favorite Tracks: “Am I Evil?” “The Prince,” “Sweet and Innocent.”

This is just a really interesting, and really energetic album. It’s such a fun listen. It might not be the most technically impressive album you’ve ever heard, compared with todays albums, but it broke so much ground in 1980. If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to this album, and you like 1980’s metal, this is one you really NEED to listen to! Go pick it up, and play it loud!