The Ultimate Singe – Ozzy Injured In House Fire

Posted by on January 17, 2013

Ozzy Osbourne has battled drugs and alcohol for years, and mostly come out on top. However, a candle left burning at his house got the best of him, and he injured his hand and burnt some of his hair in an incident that required medical attention. In the early hours this morning (17), a candle that hadn’t been put out exploded in its vase, starting a small fire. Sharon’s attempt to throw water on it just spread out the oil-based flames, with Ozzy bearing the brunt of the damage before firefighters came and extinguished the fire. Sharon Osbourne spoke about the rogue candle on her daily show The Talk.

“At five o’ clock (in the morning), I heard a noise like metal had fallen. I thought it was my housekeeper coming in and she had dropped her keys on the tiles, that’s what it sounded like, so I didn’t pay any attention. A few minutes later, my eyes are stinging and my throat’s closing up, (I thought), ‘Something’s weird smelling in here’.

“Then my dog started to bark. I go downstairs and the whole living room (was on fire). The candle had burst and the cracking sound was the glass and the candle exploding…

“My husband had an operation on his hand yesterday so he’s in a complete cast… He comes down and goes, ‘Oh, the fire, the fire!’ (and tries to put it out) with his hand in the cast. Then he opens t he French doors and I go into the kitchen and throw water on it and it erupted…

“Ozzy’s front of his hair from (his ear down is), gone! His eyebrows (are gone)… he’s got like, skinned cheeks. We are, like, two idiots, it was like The Three Stooges… Everything you are not meant to do – go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on – we did it all.”

It’s unfortunate that Ozzy, who had been recovering from hand surgery, re-injured his hand. And seeing the iconic ’64 year-old with a patch of his hair and eyebrows burned can’t be a pretty sight.  If nothing else, let the Osbourne’s near-misfortune be your gain, and remember to extinguish candles when leaving the room they’re burning in.

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