Ozzy Osbourne undergoing “intense therapy” for sex addiction

Posted by on August 3, 2016

Earlier this year, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, metal’s power couple, seemed like they were on the outs. Gossip rags (and, well, us) breathlessly reported that the two had split up after Sharon allegedly caught the Prince of Darkness having an affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh. Sharon confirmed the affair,  but was by his side when Ozzfest Meets Knotfest was announced. Now it turns out that that they’re working to stay together, and according to a statement from one of Ozzy’s reps given to People magazine, the singer is undergoing intense therapy for sex addiction.

“Over the last six years, Ozzy Osbourne has been dealing with a sex addiction,” a rep for the Black Sabbath singer tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Ozzy is mortified at what his behavior has done to his family. He thanks God that his incredible wife Sharon is at his side to support him.”

People promises an interview with Pugh on Friday. Rolling Stone appears to have read it, in which Pugh calls Osbourne “the greatest love of my life.” A statement from Osbourne says that “he’s sorry if Ms. Pugh took their sexual relationship out of context,” also apologizing to the other women he has been having sexual relationships with. One of the most charismatic and iconic singers of all time? We’ll give him that. But “sex god” definitely isn’t even the eighth or ninth ways we’d describe Ozzy. At least he’s getting the help that he deserves, and on a serious note, it looks like he might have replaced his alcohol and drug addiction with a different one.

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