At first we thought this was a joke, but Down/Kingdom of Sorrow/Crowbar guitarist/singer Kirk Windstein got a That Metal Show tattoo done by Paul Booth. I mean, the show is fine, and we’ve come to appreciate it more than we did when it first signed on, but really? Co-host Don Jamieson commented on the tat at

We did a piece with Kirk Windstein from Down. He got our logo tattooed on his chest. That’s the ultimate, to pay tribute to our show. You’ll see the whole thing, the tattoo being done and us goofing on Kirk while he’s doing it. I asked him what he was going to do when we get canceled? He said, “when you get canceled, I’m f&*ked for life!”

The fourth season of That Metal Show is airing on Saturday nights at 10 on VH1 Classic.