Morbid Angel Denied Entry To Canada

Posted by on October 1, 2012

Everything was going pretty smoothly for Morbid Angel while on tour this fall. That was, of course, until they tried to cross the border to Canada. The death metal legends were denied entry into the country this past weekend, forcing them to cancel their shows in Montreal last night (September 30) and in Toronto tonight (October 1).

“Regretfully as much as we wanted to continue the musical onslaught, the Canadian immigration officers at the border had other intentions. Canada is NOT HAPPENING,” frontman David Vincent explained via Facebook yesterday. A few hours later, Vincent gave a slightly more colorfully explanation behind the incident, saying:

“The border agent had a critter in her coochie and simply found ancient reasons why she was refusing us entry. Yes we have been there dozens of times over the years. Why this happened this time is anyone’s guess. It’s unfortunate yes but my arguing with the bitch was only going to add more drama and possibly arrest to an already painful situation. Apologies to our friends and fans…”

As Vincent explains, an exact reason behind getting denied at the border has yet to be given. However, Morbid Angel’s tourmates Dark Funeral and Grave are expected to play the shows as scheduled. Could Canada really hate Illud Divinum Insanus that much?

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