Is this Metal Insider or a police blotter?! Turns out Tim Lambesis isn’t the only metal musician currently being held in prison. Allen West, who logged time in Six Feet Under, Massacre and Lowbrow, but is best known for spending almost 20 years in Obituary, is currently being held for operating a meth lab. This actually happened over a month ago, but news is just coming out now. The best/worst thing about it? West called the police on himself.

On Monday, March 25, West called the police stating that two men kicked in his front door, and he ran out the back door into the woods. That’s where police met him and asked if they could search his house for the subjects. Once inside, they smelled an acidic odor coming from the master bedroom. Upon entering, they found soda bottles with tubing protruding from them, which meant either that West found a new and exciting way to drink soda, or that he was manufacturing meth. They then found more evidence:

Allen West was called back into the residence. As one of the Deputies began to question West another Deputy discovered some of the above items had been removed and placed in an “Igloo” cooler. West advised the Deputies that he hid the items in the cooler to avoid getting in trouble. He advised the items were not his stating “They were cooking it” without giving any other details. Allen West did confess that he had manufactured and smoked methamphetamine in his home as recently as two weeks ago.

Cops found more items used in the manufacturing of meth, dismantled the lab, and arrested West. According to Lambgoat, the 45 year-old West is currently being held at the Sumter County Jail in Bushnell FL. Allen hadn’t played with Obituary since 2006. This isn’t his first time in jail – he’d been incarcerated for nearly a year starting in 2007 for getting arrested after his fifth DUI. Far be it from us to kick a man while he’s down, but doesn’t he look a little like this jailbird?

via Lambgoat by way of  The Village Sun Times]