Coliseum’s van taken for unsuccessful joyride

Posted by on September 30, 2014

Coliseum are currently recording their next album in Baltimore. That should be great for the band, but it’s not as great for their van. Unfortunately, it was stolen last night from outside the studio where they’re recording, making it a whole half block before crashing into another van (the one pictured). The band posted the following on their Instagram page early today.

So… Someone stole our van from outside the studio where we are recording. We call the cops… Turns out whoever stole it smashed it into a parked van less than half a block away (that van is pictured above). Our van was towed to a city lot a few hours ago, we have no idea how much damage it sustained. We’ve always avoided asking for donations or doing Kickstarters, etc. But this may be the time…

There’s no word yet on how much damage the van sustained or whether the band is actually going to set up a crowd-funding campaign to help, but if and when that happens, this story will be updated.



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